The ultimate TLD healthbar mod?


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Do you miss the old days, when you always knew your health status down to the nearest 1%?

Do you look at the daily min/max stats for health, and wonder, thanks to your hectic misadventures that day, where exactly you fit between those two points, right now?

Do you miss not knowing any more exactly how much damage you took falling down that hill, or when that wolf chewed on your head?


Fret no more.. as I present to you the ultimate healthbar mod..

Inspired by an incident during a round of Deadman's Challenge being played by Youtuber Loonsloon, I was motivated to find a way to more accurately determine character health.

Taking a ruler to my monitor, I found that the healthbar, including the 5% well-fed buff, was 66mm long.

105/66 = 1.59

10/1.59 = 6.3

Therefore, every 6.3mm of the healthbar was equivalent to 10% health.

I cut a piece of paper to 66mm long, and made marks every (approximately) 6.3mm along the edge, after which I made smaller 5% marks midway between each of the 10% markers. I then taped the paper to the monitor bezel so that the marked edge was immediately below the TLD health bar. Boom! An easy way to gauge just how much health your character has, to within about 1%!

Even when not playing the game, the paper isn't really obtrusive, but it can easily be folded down or removed if wanted.


Eat your heart out, Hinterland.. your evil plan has failed!



But seriously, folks.. go check out Loonsloon's Youtube channel, and subscribe. He's a really nice guy.. (hey, he's Canadian, he can't help it!) and his videos are excellent viewing. Even moreso, most of his regular commenters also have their own TLD channels on Youtube, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. Sucscribe to them all.. they deserve it, for keeping TLD alive in the public's view.


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