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So in one of the latest updates you can place items, I like this, but I think we can do better. Everyone loves base building in big ways and small ways and there are a few and big and small homes that people like to make their own. The Mystery Lake 2 story hut, The community center, the farmhouse, and many more. We know we can deconstruct many items in each location and loot everything, but I would like to recommend a "little" construction. Such as building an interactive box near the fireplace/stove to drop firewood into. Only firewood and preferably with a one click drop off option. I have a perhaps more complex idea where you could build something attached to the stove and adjust how much time you need when interacting and the firewood automatically gets added choosing the most efficient wood (Sticks, fir, cedar, etc) for the time. Also there's a feature in survival mode where the world constantly gets colder and I think the homes should get colder too so using skins and cloth to make curtains to improve home insulation or improve the warmth of beds would be a nice feature. Having place to plant trophies like wolf skins, deer antlers, moose antlers, etc would be a nice touch. Also instead of simply tearing down chairs, perhaps you can build one or use an existing one to study your research books in providing a bonus skill point(s). Due to the comfort you retain more information as you enjoy your reading. In my opinion these few things would be a nice touch to the game in both a gameplay aspect and role play. It would also allow a player few more goals to achieve if they get well established in an area. Before they move on.

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I think I would like to see house improvements too but I do wonder how it would change things. Take for example a game where it's -50 inside everywhere that isn't your improved main base. That could make travel much more difficult and promote camping a little area. I am not sure that hinterland wants to restrict people's travels like that.


However that being said I still would like to see it tried out. I feel that with other changes you could have ways to make things work but it would require actually playing around with it probably. I think it could add a lot, but I also think we will have to do the work for that, assuming that the mods we can make will allow it.

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It does promote camping, but that would be important. When I play games I see it in a role playing perspective. You're in the world it is constantly getting colder you need to plan for that. The choices you make determine your survival. If you need to travel you need to plan in advance. Stock up with wood, materials and food in various locations. Even in my current game play I like to at least have 0.5 liters of water stocked in each indoor location. Which has saved me so many times. As for it getting colder mechanically speaking it only happens in Interloper setting or if you play in custom game mode you can choose that. Most players would likely not benefit from the warming upgrades, but I'm sure they'd enjoy building the bases up non-the-less. I'm also not incredibly creative perhaps there can be more uses/possibilities. 

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