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The procedure to customize is that, while in the customization panel, the player selects a mode - Pilgrim, Voyager, Stalked, or Interloper - and then chances that mode's settings to what they want to customize that mode to.  I think the player can also input a alpha-numeric code series that changes things to a particular customization, like Dead Man's Challenge.

Technically, if no choice is made, i.e. the player just selects what shows up as "Custom" mode when first getting into the customization menu, i.e. the 'default',  and does not select an actual mode to customize, what happens is that that "custom" mode will start with a whole lot of things turned off or pretty equivalent to that.   Something like no animals, no fish, no predators, no regeneration, etc.  which can make that "custom" mode game rather more of a challenge to survival than ordinarily would be the case.  A number of players have actually done that, by accident rather than by actual intent, and then find it a pretty really rough experience before they quit or die and restart with a properly done customized mode. 

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