(Possible bug) Canned food should weigh more because of recycled cans


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I will explain what I mean below, but this clip illustrates the issue nicely:

Canned Food and Recycled Cans are not weight compatible


In essence, what happens is:

Ever since the Vigilant Flame update (June 2018), canned food items no longer make sense in terms of carry weight. This includes Pinnacle Peaches, Tomato Soup, Pork and Beans, Dog Food, and Condensed Milk. This is because consuming them grants the player a Recycled Can for future use. The problem is that the weight of the Recycled Can is not incorporated into the weight of canned food. This means that you can have a half-eaten canned food item that weighs LESS than the can it eventually produces.

The implication is that players could deliberately cancel eating at the last minute, leaving e.g. a can of peaches weighing 0.01 kg. Whenever a Recycled Can is needed, the player can eat the remains and suddenly carry weight will have increased by 0.14 kg since the Recycled Can was added to the backpack. This exploit is minor, however, and I have never used it. For me, it is more the game immersion that is affected.

The easiest way to fix this is perhaps:

- Add 0.15 kg to all canned food

- Make it so that canned food is "empty" at 0.15kg, e.g. an unopened can of peaches weigh 0.65 kg and an empty one weigh 0.15 kg

The reason for this is basically because some canned foods are already quite light. For example, if the weigh is not added on, then a tomato soup is really just 0.10 kg of food (0.25 kg weight minus 0.15 kg can). However, I can see that making such heavy canned food might add too much to the player's carry weight, as well. The other way around this would be to manually adjust each of the five canned foods to something appropriate, and maybe reduce the weight of the can to something like 0.10 kg. Either way, I think this should be fixed, so that half-eating a canned food does not leave you with an item that weighs less than the can-to-be-added to your inventory.

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On 8/11/2020 at 8:44 AM, odizzido said:

Many items have weight problems. The whole thing needs a pass for it to make sense.

This ^.

The very worst weight problem item? Water purification tabs. Those things are ridiculously heavy, compared to the real thing.

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