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So here's my recommendation as a big fan of radio theater. A crank tape player. I don't know of that's a thing. If not then a tape player that only works during an aurora. While the music is beautiful and atmospheric Sometimes you want to sit down and read a book while waiting out a blizzard, but what if there's no light (or books since this isn't the elder scrolls, but I would love to see some). Surviving alone can take a toll on a man's sanity radio theater is a good way to pass the time. Stories to help take your mind off of the apocalypse. Canada happens to have a good library of radio theater so it shouldn't be difficult to find some good ones to use. One could also put a call out to the community to record their own stories. Even survival journals. 

I sincerely hope this might find its way into the game. Thanks for reading!

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@Patriot, @odizzido, and anyone else who's interested:

I'd also recommend checking our Old Time Radio Researchers group (OTRR).  Their collections (along with others) can be found on by searching in

If folks just want to listen rather than download there are the following YouTube channels:
Old Time Radio Researchers
Old Time Radio Podcasts
A Room With A View

Glad to know there are other fans of OTR out there in the TLD community. :)

I will occasionally have episodes playing at a low volume in the background while I map my way across Great Bear Island; working on my personal challenge.

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You know what. There are all these useless radios around a survival map. At first I discarded the idea of using them for this, but I just had an idea. If each radio had a different episode or show those could be saved in your collectibles to listen to at another time. That way if you like to listen to things in order like I do you can find them out of order and then listen to them later as you collect them. Alternative each radio can have a unique show, but I'm still loving the idea of making them collectibles! 

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