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I propose to make a new transition between the Coastal Highway and Bleak Inlet locations, through a new shaft with an elevator. At the moment, few players visit the new mine, and the Bleak Inlet location requires a transition to the Coastal Highway. Below is a diagram of the new mine. Guys, do more motivation to visit new locations.


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Given the proximity of Bleak Inlet to Coastal Highway, I have thought that it would be an opportunity too good to pass up to not have a connection between the two regions when episode 4 eventually comes out.  I would expect that the highway would magically clear the bulk of the blockage and become passable to foot traffic. Given the introduction of the spray cans and trail markings, something like that makes even more sense. 

But until episode 4 comes out, I doubt that this connection would show up.  

On a practical note, such a mine would not really be viable and therefore justify that kind of construction - as most of the mines we've seen on GBI have serious operational and functional issues - but things like that don't really matter to the devs, so it might happen.

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