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Two real quick wish list items related to paint cans.  #1, it would be great if 0% paint cans would disappear when placed into a container, same as say a burnt out flare.  #2, if we don't have a paint can in our inventory, can the option NOT appear in the radial?  This is true of most everything else, and has led to me having a few false starts.  Thinking oh great, I have paint, I can paint an arrow to remi....crap.  I don't have paint.

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I would agree with both suggestions.  

I do not know why empty paint cans did not get the "X" for ruined when at 0% but suspect there is something in episode 4 related to that.  Perhaps there would be a very limited number of spray cans (like 1 or 2) and the character might have to refill/recharge the available spray cans to fulfill the quest.  This would potentially tie into a possible quest where the character might have to survey the area (Coastal Highway) and mark resource locations and such. 

I also do not know why attempting to use a spray can, even if I don't have one, brings up the selection menu for markings but no warning when I don't have spray paint in inventory?  Of course there is the empty spray can graphic on the lower right, but still the implied action (uncapping a spray can) is misleading. 


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