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Introducing consumable alcohol would likely be a much more complex implementation than may be imagined.  The devs have shown a propensity for seeking a balance between presumed advantages (incentives) gained and likely disadvantages (disincentives). 

For instance, consuming a set amount of liquor (e.g. 0.1 liter - I don't drink so don't have much of a clue in this matter) may make someone feel warmer (increases Feels Like Temperature) while temperature-related effects such as hypothermia and frostbite risk become static until the alcohol wears off (the player is 'warm' so why worry) at which point the accumulated risks 'that were not felt (or shown on the meters)' now take affect which could then afflict the player immediately with hypothermia and frostbite (even multiple applications of the affliction, if applicable).  There might be mitigation, like if the player stays 'tipsy' in a now warm (by hypothermia and frostbite requirements both of which are different) environment to offset/neutralize the accumulated "risk" but the player won't know exactly where he stands until he lets the 'tipsy' effect wear off. 

So implementation is likely not going to be easy which means the devs probably would not choose to implement unless it becomes integral to or associated with a quest, but they can surprise us.  

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