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This is a mixture of my two previous Wishlist posts: 


I suggested something about the "end game" option of the survival mode, but I think the same idea can be applied to "late game" contents. Key is, lead/force the survival mode players to move and explore all maps and all locations, as wide as possible and as long as possible, even after day 365+, including interloper games. 

These days I'm just freely imagining some idea of the "Ranger rifle" quest for the survival mode. "Ranger rifle" means Colt Canada C19 bolt action rifle. It is Finnish-designed Tikka T3 CTR bolt action rifle, but the design is modified for Canadian Rangers, accepting a lot of suggestions from front line Canadian Rangers. As far as I know, major parts of C19 is manufactured in Canada and rifle is assembled in Canada under license. I explained something about the C19 rifle in Rifle balance suggestion. 

Following is pure imagination of mine, so any other opinions are welcome. I don't think Hinterland will accept this kind of imagination, but if they do, I will be glad. 

I intended this idea to be implemented in survival mode. For story mode, the bear spear is already introduced in episode 2. (But I really didn't enjoy any of its supernatural/Fantasy-ish aspect of the bear spear storyline. Many pointed out this issue, so I won't discuss the problem in this post) 

It should take long enough time to finish this item, and requires many resources to finish. 

1) Quest initiated when players survived more than 1 year in-game. At random point after +1 year, between 1year ~ 1.5 years. But don't stick too much with this number, this is just my imagination and brainstorming effort. 

2) During aurora, from radio, players listen to some mysterious broken message, which sounds like a recorded and automated SOS message. Message quality is bad, so players should listen multiple times to finish the message. There should be several numbers of the same audio file, where different part of the same message is interfered by static noise. If players miss these messages then the quest will be deactivated and cannot be done. 

3) Now, based on the mysterious radio, players need to search for more clues and more stories behind this message. Some memo items should be spawned in the maps. To escape the funny situations of "I already searched that place but there was no memo", I guess these items should be spawned in very unexpected places, not inside the lootable box or chests or any containers. These "clue items" or "clue memos" should be widespread along the highway/railroad. Places for "clue items" should be randomized enough, so that no players can clear the quest just following the YT or Twitch. 

4) Based on gathered clues, now players have some idea of who is sending the message, what is his status, and brief whereabout. But to trace the exact location, players need metal detectors and snow shovels, which should be crafted. Players should learn about these tools when they finish their investigation. Regarding metal detector, players should grab a book about DIY electronics, and read once to learn about the DIY metal detector. That book should be a quest item and should be spawned together with "clue items". 

5) Snow shovel should be easy, but a metal detector would require some special items. Once this quest is activated, some items like "signal filter", "electric parts", "copper wire", and "amplifier" can be harvested from multiple airplane crash sites for a low chance, and from the car and factory sites for a very low chance, and in crashed trains for the very very low chance. There are 3 maps with airplane crash sites in TLD: MT, PV, and TWM. There are 2 big factories in this game: Cannery in BI and Whale processing in DP. (DIY metal detector is possible, and not that difficult to make one.) 

6) After preparation is over, only during aurora night, players can search for a buried pickup truck, and locate the exact position. Then they can dig, and find out about the truth. Exact location should be well randomized. Players should not find the place in the same place. 

7) Ranger rifle is an excellent rifle, with better stats in all aspects when compared to the hunting rifle. But very limited ammo can be found together with the rifle (10 or less) which cannot be mixed with conventional hunting rifle (LE rifle) ammo. This is for the balance of the game, and for realism. (C19 uses 7.62×51mm NATO and .308 Winchester, while LE uses .303 British. ) Still, players can craft ammo using shell casing. But shell casing is not craftable, so the amount of ammo will be limited to the number of the shell casing.  

I think interloper players should be able to get this rifle as a reward. Ammo is very limited, so should not influence the balance too much. Plus, at the time of 1 year+, any interloper players should be well prepared for any situations. Rifle will not be a big plus to their games, but just a small reward/bonus. 

I also have a brief idea about the storyline. After everything is collapsed down after "the flare", one brave young Canadian Ranger began his own personal search mission to find his lover who stranded somewhere in GBI. He searched for so many areas in GBI, and finally find her. But at the moment, he was a bit too late, and she was already in very serious condition due to injury. At least, he stayed with her during her last moment, and then, avalanche stroke the place...


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