Exact location trigger location for Frozen Delta/Bleak Inlet?


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Hey guys!

I'm pretty far with my Faithful Cartographer run - I have 190/191 locations mapped. Unfortunately, I can't find the right spot for the last location trigger, which is the Frozen Delta in Bleak Inlet. I already spent 30+ charcoal and the whole delta is showing up on map - but not the location trigger. I tried several different positions as well as mapping as soon as the "Frozen Delta" appears in the upper left corner - nothing. It would be great if someone could help me and point out where I need to be exactly to get the location trigger. It's absolutely frustrating that there's only one location left and I can't get the achievement. Here's a screenshot of my map. Thanks folks!





EDIT: I finally got it! It's south of the rocks. However - I think it should trigger if you map when the locations shows up in the upper left corner and not elsewhere on the map!

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