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Ok, so im playing voyager on Coastal, as i like to set up shop in the garage of the gas station (as some else do), and was setting cans and food items on a shelf, as i dont need them, and there heavy. so i start setting them on the shelf, and realize i am running out of room QUICK. so since the hitbox radius for small items is ridiculously big for them, and you cannot fit cans or other items close to each other on shelves, i propose a simple mechanic. stacking. when you take a object and hover over something else that is flat or is able to have something else put on top of it, it will "stack". simply put, i put a can on a shelf, and then i grab another can, and it will snap to the top of the first one. you can stack 3 cans high, or until you hit the top of the shelf. again too, right across from the self on a computer desk next to the fire barrel is where i keep all the books i have found, and other reading material. again, i have to use up the whole desk for a small amount of paper, when IRL you can easily stack books, 6-7 high. there, i can stack books, or lay anything else that is smaller than, or slightly larger than it ok top of it. it would make resource storage management easier, and would make rooms look less cluttered



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