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It's always a joy to find a hidden prepper cache, but then also kind of sad because you know you've found it...and there are no more to be found in that region.  I'm not sure how much of a pain this would be, but I'd like if there were a custom mode slider that controls how many caches appear in a particular region.  Maybe its just one, maybe you luck out and all 9 pop at once.  It would help to keep the dream alive after finding one!

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i would love this. i have always wanted to find the caches, but don't have to time too, as im always looking for other resources when out, and dont want to go miles out of my way for something that may not even be there. it would be nice when setting up a really easy game in custom to be able to select the amount or what caches i want to spawn, based on where i spawn.

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