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Hello everyone. I live east of San Francisco and I am an avid player and fan of TLD. I have several characters (saves/sandboxes) in Stalker whom are over 300 days and have all skills at 5. I used to prefer Stalker but I have grown tired of it. I am now playing a new Survival sandbox at Voyageur level and it feels much easier but I am enjoying it more. I like the game's beauty and it is easier to enjoy these immersive visual masterpieces of wilderness art when I don't have to fight packs of wolves every 1000 feet or so, haha. My favorite things to do in the game are master the bow, hunt deer, wolves and bears with my bow. I enjoy crafting clothing from the animals I hunt and I look forward to creating caches. That's new for me. I am having fun with the paint, too. I also like salmon fishing in Coastal Highway. Sometimes I like to retreat to Timberwolf Mountain Lake and stay at the cabin there for a while, hunting, trapping and fishing around the lake. I am no fan of Timber Wolves and I prefer sniping them from a nice high safe perch. I plan to start creating video uploads of my gameplay. I have never done it and I am happy to receive input, feedback, advice and comments from friendly folks. Stay warm my friends!

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