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I usually play Interloper and go for Snow Walker (20% faster stamina regen) and Cold Fusion (minor temperature boost). If I play Stalker I add Straight to the Heart (coffee, stims last longer). I pick these ones because 1) I run all the time so I need that stamina and 2) interloper is cold, and the couple extra degrees can be the difference between freezing and not.

What are your picks? Or which ones are you working towards?

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I play Pilgrim, exclusively, so have more slots to choose and I have only Straight to the Heart left to be finished, one day.  Fire starting master is always activated. 

Winter's Embrace was the first time I played in a non-Pilgrim sandbox for a long time.  It was a learning experience.  I had felt that Pilgrim fostered the development of some bad habits and expectations. I was right.  😅

As a nominally expendable sandbox due to the limited time for the event, I got further with STTH than I was likely to get with any of my regular long-term Pilgrim sandboxes.  Mindsets can change with expectations of how long something will be played.

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