Which way to Desolation Point?

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I'm going to Desolation Point next in my current save and while I have been there many times, what is the fastest way from Mystery Lake, going through Pleasant Valley to Cinder Hills coal mine or going through the ravine? I really hate going across that trestle bridge but if it saves me time then I'm for it :D 

I'm not in a hurry or anything, I was just curious which way is quicker ^_^ 

(random picture for effect) 


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[Redacted - I misread your intended destination.  So in that case - The Ravine would be quicker, but if you really don't like the truss bridge then just take the more leisurely stroll.  Granted having to hassle the ravine is shorter and considering wildlife, probably safer... but if the balancing act across the bridge plays havoc with your senses/anxieties then definitely take the long way around.]

I like that random pic, it reminds me of a friend of mine:

On 11/9/2019 at 1:20 AM, ManicManiac said:

Being back in Mystery Lake always feels like a homecoming.  I met my oldest friend on Great Bear again today.  He's been here since the beginning.  He is the one creature on the island that I try never to disturb and will always protect from predators.  In five years I've not failed him.

I call him:
"The Prince of the Forest"


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I feel your pain.  Having developed an acute case of acrophobia myself I try to avoid the train trestle in the Ravine as much as possible.  Same goes for having to climb along the ledge of the dam when trying to return to ML from Winding River.  I'd still brave the trestle as at least no wolves so there is some respite in that.  

Don't forget to bring a pot or two...  no pots in DP

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Thank you for the responses :x I'm loving that picture too ManicManiac ^_^ Unfortunately that's the first deer that I go after because it's so close to the camp office and never have to worry about predators coming for a bite 

But as it turns out, it's been quite a bit since I've loaded up my save file due to being busy at work and I thought I was in Mystery Lake but I was still in Pleasant Valley by the crashed plane after coming back from Timberwolf Mountain, so Cinder Hills coal mine it is :D 

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