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I came up with the following "thumbnail" conversion, based on my observation that 1 game minute appears to elapse in about 5 real seconds when you're looking at the current game time in the survival menu.

Assuming that this is the same rate used when walking around the map*, I came up with the following (which uses "Rsec", "Gmin", etc. to represent "real seconds", "game minutes", and so on, respectively):

[align=center]1 Gmin = 5 Rsec

60 Gmin = 300 Rsec

1 Ghr = 5 Rmin

24 Ghr = 120 Rmin

1 Gday = 2 Rhr[/align]

*But my initial assumption may be wrong! I haven't tested it, as you have to take other things into account, regardless, since time appears to pass at different rates when you're engaged in various activities, such as:


burning a fire/cooking, etc.

crafting an item at a workbench

and so on...

And, of course, time passes at a substantially different rate when you sleep. In fact, the number of real seconds that pass when you sleep appear to be fixed, regardless of the amount of game hours you sleep.

The same may also be true for eating, in the sense that the amount of real time that passes when you eat 0.5 lbs of wolf meat seems to be the same amount of real time that passes when you eat 2.2 lbs of wolf meat--but whether or not the amount of game time that passes under those conditions is constant or variable based on the quantity consumed is something that I've never tested.

If we take these variations into account, then the estimates that I get based on how many hours Steam says I've played seem fairly reasonable when compared to the total number of days that I've survived since I started playing the game--but if someone spends an inordinate amount of time sleeping in order to maximize resources and extend the overall longevity of a character's life in-game--as a lot of people have to do in order to achieve some of their super long Stalker runs--then the estimates probably won't be very useful at all.

Anyway, I hope that helps answer your question!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.