Hinterland, please make clothing visible in first person.


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This has been discussed many times here already, but I would really love if this came to the game at some point. I understand that modelling all of the different clothing items would be difficult and time consuming, but it is such an immersion breaker for me. It is my biggest problem with the game and I simply think that it would improve the game so much, and from what I've seen here an in other TLD communities, many people feel the same.

That's all. Thanks for reading and considering it.

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That would be nice. Plus I would add frostbite risk and frostbite on hands if character is wielding weapon. You cant wield it with hand protection (except for driving gloves, maybe working gloves). Walking with revolver in front of you through whole map when there is -40°C. I think the revolver would become part of the frozen hand-gun sculpture.

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