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I've been falling back in love with TLD all over again recently for the Aussie winter (almost reaching single digit temps at night!) there are so many lovely fine details and one thing I was thinking that would make minor but noticable differences (while also being relatively easy to implement) would be having more ways for the needs to work together or against each other! Only in very minor ways to not disturb the feeling of the game as it is, but it would add a neat little extra bit of immersion and make some needs feel a bit less like just keeping a timer filled up imho

The examples I have been thinking of go something like this:

If you have a full stomach (say somewhere between 2000-2200 and 2500 calories) and are therefore digesting food, your fatigue should drop a little faster, but also recover a little faster with sleep, while also slightly increasing thirst rate.

If you have an empty stomach (with therefore very little energy in your body), temperature and fatigue both drain a little faster.

Fully hydrated? Hunger drains a little slower, due to feeling fuller. Inverse should also be true for dehydration and freezing cold.

nice and warm? all needs drain very slightly slower. (I would also suggest overheating to cause water to drop faster but being too warm as a problem doesn't exist in the game)

utterly exhausted? hunger and water drain a little faster. 

I feel like these changes would not only make the game more immersive, but also give clear incentives to keep the needs full, and encourage sustainable and normal human behaviors like drinking water with food, eating regular meals especially before sleeping, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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