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Simply a place for ideas of new clothing I guess. I made it mostly because I had a idea. A new head worn item. It can be made by picking up towels off of places like bathroom floors, or in other places it would make sense: the towels would be VERY rare, but would have a pay off. It is used to do a few things. 1 it can be used as fuel for a fire, or can be used to creat a towel wrap. It’s a full head worn item, and is literally just a towel wrapped around the head. It has a thick roll around the neck, and a thick folded cover over the face, and a thin end going over the head. It would provide substantial warmth benefits when new, like 3.0 to 3.5 temp benefit, and decent wind resistance, but gets wet and thus frozen quickly, since, you know, it’s a towel. The towel can also be used as a alternative to make a torch.

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Lol, haven’t either. Something about how fuzzy it is, and the fact of it being a tightly knit basically blanket to me sounds like it would do good keeping in heat and everything. Aswell as if you ever fold one up a few times and put it around your neck or something, or even make a head covering out of one (I have before while bored and drying off) it does actually get kinda warm

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14 hours ago, that random survivor said:

A new head worn item. It can be made by picking up towels off of places like bathroom floors

For those who don't mind role playing it a little... we already have "improvised" head and hand coverings.  All we'd have to do is break down some towels and craft them.


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I would not mind seeing a few more pieces of deerskin clothing, so one can craft a rather complete ensemble of deerskin-based clothing. 

A buckskin shirt for one.  One layer so its like a thin wool sweater.  Add another layer with some rabbit skins to make it more like a thick wool sweater.  Add in even more rabbit skin padding, maybe even another deer skin, to turn it from a heavier shirt into a jacket which would be more equivalent to a simple parka.

It would be nice but still a lot of work. 

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