Do matches dercay?


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  From past observations there is a decay for matches, but it's so slow that I think it's not really much of a concern for the player.  When I did initially notice condition on matches decayed, that's when I got into the habit of using my lowest condition matches first.  Even so, I've never lived long enough in a Survival Sand box to ever even run out of matches; let alone have them reach 0% condition.

Now granted, that observation was made many, many updates ago.  I suppose it's possible things have changed, but I'm inclined to doubt it.  Raph once mentioned:


Question from @alone sniper:
"So, I wonder Why do we have condition for things like bullet, stick, cat tail stalk, tinder, all types of firewood, etc ?
Since all of items above don't decay, I think having condition for them is useless.
So, Do you have any plan for making Condition for those items meaningful?"

I'd have to spend more time than I currently have to verify the condition loss on each of those items you listed, but in general *everything* in the game world has a Condition decay. Some things, like ammunition for example, might be scaled on a 1500-day timescale, so you wouldn't see much change in a 10 or 50 or 100 day-long game. I think the idea that everything in the world is slowly degrading is part of the philosophy around the game, so to me their Condition and Condition loss *is* meaningful, but I can see you are talking more about gameplay value, and for that I don't have a good answer at the moment. I could see ways to, for example, impact the Condition of items crafted using warn out raw materials be reduced, which would make things like Stick condition meaningful.

Sure, there are some things that are suspected to not have a decay at all... but perhaps they do, just not on a timescale that would mean anything to most players.  :)

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2 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

I have a 1500+ day run and have yet to see any matches "spoil".

Ditto. If there is decay programmed to wood matches I haven't noticed over a few 500 day loper saves. 

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They do not decay.  That was changed a longish time ago.  The devs did not see fit to actually make all matches be 100% so they can be a pain to consolidate.  They did not actually articulate a reason for not doing so but I guess maybe they didn't want to have too many 100% non-decaying item categories in the game or maybe having matches of different condition seemed more "realistic" or consistent with the game world they envisioned.

Other things like fire accelerant, for example, was made non-decay and made 100% so all the cans of it could be consolidated. 

The original decay line was 100 days iirc before it was changed to 1,000 days.  Since matches can be critically essential to survival, especially in the  long survival runs, they may have decided that better to forestall complaints about matches decaying away and aborting a player's run and just make them non-decay. 

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Guest jeffpeng

Actually a good spot to renew the petition to PLEASE make matches have 100% at all times since there really is no more reason for it to be otherwise.

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I would like to see something like lantern or magnifying glass decay/damage. You know action based. For example ice breaks under you and you have matches. It should wet them and lower condition after they are dry again. Especially for the paper matches. Or bear slap can break some matches. Matches stored in right places can have indefinite life time.

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