Able to drop backpack.


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Because now the wolfs are harder to deal with, cant outrun them. So when i keep running like an idiot thinking that why dont i just drop off my bag to run. So my suggest is that we seperate 30Kgs into 2 part, one on the body for about 5KG that can include knife axe lamp...(should be by choice) and two in the bag the remain 25Kg for the remain things. So when i carry a little two many resources and in no condition to fight back the wolf i can just drop my bag(have a shortcut key like Q) and run, my speed should be increase to normal running when i have my bag, and the next day i can come looking for it. I think it is fair because i know that wolf are very fast in real live, that is true, but i cant use my torch all the time and cant waste one precious bullet too, if i cant fight i can run for it. I know i can drop a meat to stop it but i like a different choice.

I know that the dev team have alot of work to finish this awesome game, many thank to that. :) pls take this into account.

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