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Saving the game takes time depending on how much it has to save.   When the sandbox first starts, there is not much to save so it goes quickly.  As the game progresses, there is more and more to save. 

Since a failure of the game to actually save game progress would be a serious problem and there was a problem about that cropping up late last year, the devs probably made doubly sure it would save.  Which then made the game "freeze" for a few seconds while it did that so then they put the save game function (probably) on a separate thread to run concurrently with the main game so things didn't get held up.  Then they got the failure to save problem again so they went back to the old way and that, again, take a while to do and holds up game play.

Hopefully the devs will figure out just why the (assumed) concurrent threads resulted in failures to save game progress, so it can be reinstated, but they will likely be even more cautious about going back to that until they are sure they got it licked. 

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