Disappearing wolves; Storm Lantern; Interior Lighting v199


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Just a few things I've noticed in the newest version. Please note that these bugs have only been seen in Mystery Lake up to this point. I've recently bought a new laptop (specs in sig), and the other areas are locked until I can get around to discovering them again.

1. When throwing a flare at a wolf, I've noticed that if they happen to run into a higher ground that most of the time ( I hate to say always about anything) they disappear into the slope of the land. This has happened to me twice - the first time the wolf ran into the slope behind the camp office and the second was at the derailment.

2. I've had a lot of problems with storm lanterns not wanting to light and extinguish once equipped. This usually happens after I've opened up the inventory menu while it's equipped or if I've been searching drawers, cabinets, etc. I can usually get the light function to work again after un-equipping it and re-equipping through the inventory menu. Sometimes the only way to extinguish is to un-equip but I haven't been able to tell if fuel is still be consumed by doing it that way yet.

3. I wouldn't consider this a bug but I thought I'd bring it to your attention nonetheless. The interior lighting in the newest version is awful. You really need a lantern at all times to see most of the inside of buildings. This may be intentional (I thought I saw something about it in a changelog somewhere?) but it's making my life miserable. It could also have to do something with my new computer... not really sure. My graphics settings are currently running in high - 1680 x 1050 but it was basically the same at the highest settings in ultra.

Keep up the good work guys! I'm still enjoying the game immensely.

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