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The longer I play for, the more I realize that the only thing I want is more maps. (Other than Wintermute chapters but those are already in the works.)

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'd pay $ for a pack of more maps to explore.

Another game I play had a big $25 DLC come out and it made me think... that games like TLD which have been out for a while must be pretty saturated into the possible player base. So for it to continue to be financially viable for developers to keep releasing content, they have to find a way to get money from existing players who already own the game.

So, please count my vote as someone more than happy to pay for more maps. If development is getting to a point of diminishing returns.

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Ideas for maps:

  • Dense forest - hard to see in the distance. Fun to stumble upon landmarks in the woods.
  • Large building/complex - many parts of it missing roof/walls so counts as outside. Few wildlife.
  • Large logging camp.
  • Abandoned surface/strip mine.
  • Abandoned first-nations village.
  • Shipyard on the coast.
  • Forest fire zone. Few full grown trees. Lots of stumps and burned out houses.
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Yeah, I think every new region has been wonderful to explore.  :)

Given the update history... I don't think there's any reason to think there wouldn't be more regions in the future. 
We could also give our support to Hinterland right now by way of the soundtracks they offer, as well as the other murchandise they've made available.

I have a huge amount of respect for Hinterland for choosing not  to put new regions/content behind a paywall.  Which is why I support them in anyway I can (buying soundtracks and other merch), so they can hopefully keep doing what they're doing.  :)

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TLD kinda hasn't been out for a while. It's not finished. From my perspective hinterland put this game out to buy in early access so people could buy it to help fund development. And that's exactly why I got it. I've messed around in the survival part of the game but I am mostly interested in playing through the story.

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