Exploration Game Achievement (bug?)

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I recently unlocked the achievement for Exploration Game (Visit every interior location in Mystery Lake & Coastal Highway // 1 play through)

I spawned inside of Trapper's Homestead. Then I proceeded to enter EVERY interior, marking all location with paint. I finished all of ML & CH, and the achievement DID NOT unlock.    Confused, I went back to mystery lake to double check all of the "prepper locations", nothing. So, frustrated, I decided to start again. I ran back to Trapper's Homestead. and entered, and then the achievement unlocked. 

I dont think this is 100% a bug, but if you start your game INSIDE of a location, it should count toward the achievement. Thoughts? 

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Agreed, I think if you spawn in a structure that probably should count as visiting that particular interior structure. it would seem to me a bit counter intuitive to have to exit and re-enter a building you woke up in, just to have the game count it as an interior location visited. :D  I'd say that's a fair and legitimate critique.

I think it also might be interesting for that Achievement to get updated to include the more contemporary regions as well, but I already have it so I suppose I'm fine either way.

This achievement really takes me back. :)  I remember back when I started playing this game, and Mystery Lake was the only  region.  It wasn't long after that Coastal Highway and the Ravine transition zone were added (though back then it less than half the size and was mostly just the Raven Falls Truss Bridge).  That's about when that particular achievement came about.  As more regions were added I'd wonder if the achievement would get updated as well... but so far it's still a bit of a relic marking a time when Coastal Highway was a fresh new place to explore.

Good times.

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