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The good news is there are rifles in the Nomad challenge 😄, the bad news is there are no locations that will have a 100% guaranteed rifle spawn 😞. There is a list of known spawn locations for each map at For convenience I'll copy them here, though they are only current as of this post (20 July 2020). Good luck with the challenge!


Mystery Lake:

Coastal Highway:

Pleasant Valley:

Desolation Point:

  • Broken Bridge: Inside cave, at the high lookout point. (guaranteed)
  • Hibernia Processing: Either in elevated hideout reached through the pipe under rowboat or behind some crates that must be destroyed first or under bunk beds. (guaranteed)
  • Stone Church: Propped against a wall.

Timberwolf Mountain:

  • Next to a corpse.
  • Inside a cargo container mostly containing ammunition.

Mountain Town:

  • Milton House: leaning against the fireplace.
  • Milton: behind the post office inside a car.
  • Milton: On the floor by the bed in the small isolated house on top of a hill.
  • Paradise Meadows Farm: on top of the bed
  • Beside a dead corpse in an open cave near the remote car between Spruce Falls Bridge and Trailer
  • Leaning against the altar in the St. Christopher Church
  • Beside a dead corpse in an open cave near the Radio Tower
  • Cave where to go down the rope from the picnic area
  • House in the picnic area besides the corpse
  • Before Rocky Refuge in the secluded area next to a corpse.

Forlorn Muskeg:

Broken Railroad:

Bleak Inlet:

  • Next to a corpse at the end of a secret mountain path.
  • inside a cabin at Cannery Worker Residences.
  • In the ice fishing hut. (near Cannery worker residences)

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