Splendorous Swag Showcased - Summit of a Syrup Seeker's Sweet Success


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It's been a tremendously rewarding 146 days  in my third and final quest for the syrup badge.  For the past few weeks I've been ripping up the island in search of the sugary goodness that has fueled this campaign's madness.

My final quest began in DP, where I immediately acquired a rifle and some ammo.  I'm off running and gunning, looting and shooting, hacking and whacking, boiling and sewing, upgrading and reading, searching and swearing my way across Great Bear Island. 

I gotta say that I killed more moose  and bear while looking for syrup during this run than ever  before.  Wasn't even looking for them either.  But hey, not gonna pass up those opportunities, right?    Food was obviously not much of problem.  screen_0a37f52a-34d1-419d-bd95-209931222f00_hi.thumb.png.6f5c49de1689eac886c9c25bbaa6ac5b.png


Explored 82% of the map, didn't spend much time in HRV, but did get the satchel.  Thanks community for helping guide me thru that complex maze of caves and rope climbs that seem to define Hushed River Valley.  Almost didn't make it out of there, but some prevailed.  I avoided the abandoned mine in CH as I didn't want to wait for an aurora to trigger the elevator, nor did I want to get stuck down there, but did hit every building, car and ice fishing shack that I knew of.  There's probably case of syrup sitting down in there and nobody has probably ever checked that location, am I right?  
Checked a lot of caves too, mostly out of necessity on account of the weather, but thorough none the less.  PV, CH and ML were the most productive regions for me, probably in accordance with the event's parameters and reasonable to be expected, imho.

I really was surprised this time around at how much stuff was under other stuff.  Like boxes and crates.  I usually don't spend a lot of time breaking them down, but when I broke a couple crates down in FM to fuel the furnace and I found 7 bottles of accelerant game on!    Lots of times there was nothing, but when there was, it was worth it!  




The island's frozen denizens were of little assistance.  Those few times one of them had anything to relinquish, the condition of the item was marginal or the best they had to offer was a tinder plug.  But there was that one couple, frozen in loving embrace amidst crates full of tasty and life sustaining sardines in the cannery outbuilding.  I feasted on their tinned fishy. 

 "I hope no one needs this anymore..."

I plunder Bleak Inlet,  Broken Railroad then Mountain Town.  Lootin and scootin...  Booty met expectations.  As I close the loop thru Mystery lake and Pleasant Valley my final destination is the Summit on TimberWolf Mt.   

Having met the furious winds and snow head on, I conquer the summit on a rare clear night, pampered in the mysterious glow of an aurora filled night sky.  Saddled with a tremendous burden I begin the long bothersome trek back to base camp.  



Returning home and lighting the fires


Ahhh, such a sweet sight


4 flare guns!  Found the first one in Raven's Ravine.  Second one was at the top of the stairs in the broken lighthouse in Bleak Inlet.  Located the third next to
a corpse at the bottom of the rope climb outside the maint. yard in Broken Railroad and of course the Summit of TWM. 



my final count was 11 bottles of syrup and 34 bags of chips.    yeah, I know, you only counted 10 bottles on the mantel.  I had one that was ruined and I put it in a storage container and it disappeared.  my bad, should have known that was gonna happen.  

anyway, last thing left to do is guzzle all this syrup and pop that badge!


Hope your having fun chasing syrup!  I know I sure have!  


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49 minutes ago, Dogelsagod said:

Nice story.

Welcome to the forums, I see you just joined recently.  Have you been playing the game for a while?  Meaning did you get the opportunity to play the Winter in July challenge when the maple syrup and ketchup chips were introduced into the game?  If not, sorry that you missed on such an epic mission.  

At any rate, glad you found my recount of my final syrup badge misson entertaining!

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