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3 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

I've found that having a "Shelter" icon would be really helpful.  This could denote an unmarked cave/enclosure or a snow shelter.

I just use the storage marker.  The only reason I would stash supplies is if there was also a place to sleep.

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Since the stated intent by Hinterland is that spray paint markings would eventually fade, though not right now, I would hope they would come up, eventually, with a set of stone cairns, distinct in design from the ones for backers, which would be more permanent, at least as trail markers.   It might, as a guess, consist of three stones stacked in a pile, with one or more arms (one or more stones on the ground next to the cairn  to point in a desired direction).  It should be permanent, unless removed by the player, not subject to Lost and Found, and can be placed just about at will subject to whatever limitations on crafted and placed items that Hinterland deemed appropriate or necessary.  As a ground navigation assist, it would not show up on the charcoal map. 

A box of four stones around the cairn with another stone to indicate direction might serve as "that way is a shelter/resources" marker. 

Something simple and not elaborate.  As a practical matter with spray paint, I find many of the symbols to be relatively useless for my purposes and, since I think long-term, I would put a campfires (I play Pilgrim) to be there as markers when they do eventually fade. 

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Yeah Ive been using storage as a shelter marker too. I use searched for shelters with minimal supplies, storage for a normal safe shelter with emergency food, water, fire and bed, and materials to denote a major storage cache, like the camp office or Quonset. 

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