New kind of issue with the Save system on PS4


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Message the long dark forum :

Hi there !
First post here for me so I hope i'm doing it in the right section and everything :) Hi everyone ! First a little introduction, you probably don't know it but if you're reading this and if you are a regular user of this forum, you've probably helped me countless times already, so thank you for that.
I've been playing for about 3 years (on and off) and mostly loving every second of it. This is probably one of my favourite games ever, the community is amazing and the team behind the game seems super comitted to offer the player a kick ass experience !
I first started playing on PC and got as far as you can go (achievements & badges etc...) so I decided to buy it on PS4 as well, thinking that it'd be nice to wonder in the snow but from my coutch (and wanting to have a hard copy of the game as well) ! Anyway with that said, I'd like to report a new type of crash on PS4. I've tried to look for it on the forum and on reddit but I don't think anyone reported a similar event.
I like long runs and a fun challenge I impose myslef is to get as many Achievement as I can in one single run. So I started my very first game on PS4 and got a very good amount. Then it was time for the painful but meaningful "Faithful Cartographer". (I should precise that all this is very new and that I started my game not too long ago and there hasn't been updates or fixes since I started it.) So I make myself a good amount of coal to draw with, gear up and start my journey ! Doing many stuff in beetween, my game now adds up to 132 days survived :D Wich I'm proud of but still not feeling releaved because i'm not quite done with "Faithful Cartographer". I'm only missing the Blink Inlet locations wich I saved for last because I was super excited to discover it (haven't been playing for a while).
On my way to Blink Inlet through the Ravine I keep noticing some extra long saving times when I enter a building or when I wake up. About 10 seconds everytime wich is kind of annoying when you're looting an area but wich isn't a deal breaker (yet). Here comes the crashes. Two Crashes to be exact. First one leaving my home base in Coastal Highway after playing for an hour that day. It crashed precisely during one of those anormally long saves. Got freaked out, didn't want to loose a +130 days run. Turned the game back on and ooof, it was still there. A day later (IRL), I resumed my game and went to Bleak Inlet, super excited to discover everything in this area, I was playing for two hours when the gamed crashed again after waking up from my matress (as I did countless times before) while the game was taking for ever to save.
This time, no luck. My save is gone when I try to restart the game and that's a 132 days run with 10 locations left to discover before getting the "Faithful Cartographer" achievement. As you can imagine, at that point I'm ... disapointed to put it mildly. Boy do I hate when I die from a stupid wolf after a long run, but I understand it and it makes me more carefull for the next run but this time, it's not me... And I find it a unfair. So, I've cooled off a bit and then went looking for an explanation, that brought me here ! Hey you :D

So anyway, i'm pretty sure there is no way to get my run back (even though I think it is somewhere, corrupted, since when I want to charge a survival game, it says "3/25 slot taken" down, and only one game is visible) but i'd like to know if someone has an idea about the reason behind this crash.
Coming from PC where you can manipulate gamefiles as you wich if you don't care about the permadeath aspect of the game (that I like) I was nontheless expecting the PS4's OS to be steady enough to not do this kind of nonesense.
My theory is that the PS4 is not powerfull enough to endure a really long run where the player is gonna save the game hundreds of times. But damn, it's so sad if i'm right.

So, to simplify :
- Does anyone had the same issue and know where does it comes from ?
- Does anyone know if it it possible to prevent this for happening again ?
(BONUS QUESTION) Finally, and it's kind of a Hail Mary question but, do you think there is any chance I could get my save back, not corrupted ?

To end on a fun note that made me laugh even though I was angry, I'm 27 and this is the first time in my adult life that I felt again exactly the same way as a kid when I found out my Pokemon saved on GameBoy Color had been erased. Well except this time I didn't cry haha... Or did I ?

Sorry for the long post, (and probably the spelling and grammar mistakes, English is not my first language), I don't have a potato but here is some Maple Syrup.
Take care !

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