I wish change of breathing effect


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There is not much things I would change or want in this game,I have only one small suggestion and wish.As my wish is not about any tool,I hope my post fit in this section.

I found it realy interesting and great,that in game we must take care of so many details and that we use behavior of nature to avoid dangerous situations with wildlife.I think wildlife AI,which includes smell by wind direction,is awesome add.It makes so much tension and keeps player`s mind occupied all the time,so we always pay attention of wind and its direction.But,there is not much help of wind,when it blows weakly or it is almost without wind.If wind is weak,we cannot see,in which direction it blows.

That"s why I think it would be awesome,if our exhaled air would have visual effect in side,where wind blows.Now,if I watch my breath,when there is very weak wind,exhaled air comes from our mouth stricktly forward,no matter in which direction we turn.It would be realy great detail,if exhaled air would move in direction of wind.This tinny detail would be realy very helpfull at days,when there is weaker wind.

I hope you understood,what I mean and that you will consider this tinny idea. :)

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