The long dark 2


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If the dev team needs inspiration for a sequel to The Long Dark, i have a few in my mind. Its USSR somewhere in the Ukrainian Soviet 1932, the government confiscated all the food in the region and has taken it all and sealed of the area aka holodomor. Some defiant people have saved food in secret places, but they are gone now - You wake up at a hospital that was allowed to keep you alive, but now its time to go outside and survive / alternatively you were a government worker that was allowed to eat food therefore kept alive, but you annoyed the wrong people and now suddenly your no longer a member of the inner circle.

A weak gamma ray burst hit earth or earth was hit by the out skirt of a gamma ray burst

You survived because you are a scientist and just by chance happened to be in a special metal anti gamma ray room so you were protected from gamma ray. 

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