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I would like to share my idea for a escape plan for great bear island. Please dont mind my bad english, its not my main language but I try my best. I always found that the sandbox mode is great, but it misses a big goal. Maybe an possible escape from the cold of great bear island. 


Step 1 - reactivating signal hill in PV:

In order for your escape you have to contact the outside would. All over the regions are more or less hidden spare parts, you have to bring them all to Signal Hill in PV and repair the radio station.


Step 2 - waiting for aurora:

Now the station is repaired and you have to wait for an aurora. While its active you can send your call for help. But still it cant reach far enough, you just manage to speak with an old guy at the edge of the island. He tells you from an small airport and an old plane, a possible escape. Sadly the plane is in a bad shape and the guy is too old and weak to find parts and repair it himself. Also the airport is too far away for a walk in the cold. But if you could use the train...


Step 3 - Reactivating train tracks

You found an old handcar in a barn and see your way out. But first you have to clear some parts of the tracks and repair them. It will take you a while....


Step 4 - finding airport (new map)

After hundreds of days you managed to clear all parts and repair the tracks. Now its time to go. You load your handcar with enough supplies for the long travel and go. After asome time you arrive at your target (new map - small airport).


Step 5 - find old guy + repair plane:

First you have to find the old guy and talk with him, he tells you what spare parts the plane needs. You tell him from a crashed airplane near Milton and already know your next and last goal - getting these parts and bring them over here... the old man says goodbye in tears and wishes you a safe travel. Will you ever come back and escape? 



Thats it. Its just one idea and maybe needs some polishing, but it would use alot of existing things and places arround the world. Also the airport makes sense in connection with story-mode. The handcar offers a new way of getting arround and the old guy is a good way to introduce npc to the sandbox-mode.

Regards, Benny


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