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I am pretty new here so I don’t know if this has been discussed or not.  I think that the idea of dynamic weather would continue to make the game a little more difficult the longer you survive. What I mean when I say dynamic is, storms, longer blizzards, and more fluid weather patterns while still maintaining the normal erratic storm systems which I believe are immensely important to the feel of the long dark 

I do not think making the world colder is the right idea. So let me outline the general concept 

I think the weather patterns are to easy as they currently stand I have made it 200 days on loper and I find that while being irregular at best. having a blizzard come up while doing your day to day tasks doesn’t really interrupt much and while you may not get that last bit of deer meat or lose that wolf hide you can just simply retreat inside and sleep, read, craft and/or cook in order to pass the time so you can go back outside again and finish whatever task you were doing before the bad weather. What I am proposing is having a random chance for a 10-20 day rolling storm the duration would be random. This storm would follow a couple preset weather patterns depending on the region you were in, example pleasant valley would have a harsher and longer blizzard period during the storm.  During the start of the storm the wind would pick up and blow for a set amount of time then after a certain time of wind would die down and be replaced by maybe 6 hours of clear cold weather just like a real storm right before it hits. Then he once this period of calm was over it would begin to snow this snow would slowly amp up I’m severity over the course of a couple of hours the wind would then come up and over some hours turn into a blizzard. Now, because the storm in bigger the snow and wind would probably take about 24-36 hours to turn into a blizzard this blizzard would  be the blizzard to end all blizzards it would go on for a random number of days possibly 2-3 then you would have a slight grace period we’re you would be able to have a emergency fire outside to get water and cook a steak or something like that. This grace period would only be available one voayager and pilgrim I think it would be to forgiving for advanced players. Anyway after this period was over the blizzard would pick back up and last for 2-4 days then would end and the normal weather would resume. 

I would not have this weather be applicable in the early game I would make it have a random chance of occurring after day 20-25 in loper, day 30-35 in stalker, day 50-55 in voyager and day 70-75 in pilgrim. The severity of the storm would also be lessened depending on difficulty. 

You would have tips to know if a storm was coming. The animals would leave the area and some more subtle things like maybe you don’t hear owls or woodpeckers in the woods this would force you to pay more attention to the environment without forcing them to just look for specific patterns of weather crows.

this would force the player into a sense of urgency and make them think about if they can last through the storm marking off there mental checklist, ok do I have enough water, food and something to do so that the time is not wasted as well as wrap up outdoor activity’s and make hard choices such as do I finish harvesting my deer hide or do I kill rabbits or collect cattails for extra food. 

All in all I think that adding this change would be a great addition I would like to see as I mentioned a little bit different weather pattern for each region though I don’t know how to implement it 

Please ignore my spelling errors I have a small phone and missclick sometimes 

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