Hi from Finland


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Hello, I'm kinda new here.

Bought the game at early stage  on december 2016 and have been playing a little sometimes but now I'm going for the achievements. I'm only missing two from the Steam list (500 days aka The Will to Live and Skilled Survivor). Playtime seems to be 343 hours, so not so much after all.

My real life survival skills are based on the Finnish army (Conscript 2002). I was a border jaeger (rajajääkäri) with guerrilla/ranger (sissi) training so I know some basic stuff about basic survival skills, just like many other Finnish guys and some volunteer gals. Winter is a normal thing up here, like in Canada, so in a way this game feels like home in a way.

I guess I'm mostly here to whine about technical stuff and bugs or try to find some good tips and help when needed.

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