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I saw a streamer losing his ability to interact with stuff (the crosshair was also gone when not in menus). The way for him to fix it, was to open to options menu (where you set mouse sensitivity and stuff) and then leave it again.

Not sure, what caused this for him thou, i think interacting with some items, and then walking to a door.

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I posted this in the Steam forums and figured I should add it here.

Just got this where none of the in-game buttons respond to a left click. You can select items in the world by clicking on them so I think it is only limited to menus. Was unable to sleep, interact with any equipment, or even quit the game on the esc menu, had to ctrl-alt-del.

The first sign of trouble I had was after refilling my lantern with a jerry can. The next time I went into my equipment menu to try and repair my boots it still showed the lantern options on the right. After that nothing in menus responded to left clicking. After I exited the game I reloaded and the problem persisted. Bummer because I finally just found the hunting rifle after several failed attempts.

Interesting that my problems also began when trying to repair a ruined pair of boots.

debug log: http://pastebin.com/JXMeSmAt

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