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OK this is a serious post, real talk.  There's a user on these forums, ThePancakeLady who I know has some real-life health issues.  The thing is, she hasn't logged in since February, and a "are you ok" message I sent in March hasn't been opened.  She's also not been active on Steam.  I don't know her outside of the Internet, but that doesn't matter--with the state of the world these days, I'm legitimately concerned for her safety and well-being.  Does anyone on this forum know her in person?  If so, is she alright?  I don't want personal information I just want to know if she's still with us.  I don't want any of us fading into the long dark for real.

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I know her on twitter as well as on here. I asked her, and she said she was in the hospital for a while but is back home now, she's been super busy getting caught up on work as well as in her rehabilitation program (apparently she has serious problems walking), and hasn't had time to hit these forums specifically, but can be reached on Steam or Twitter.

I've asked her if it's okay to publish her twitter handle here; if she gives the green light I'll post it here so you can reach her that way.

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I've also noticed the absence and had just wrote it off as them being busy, (Ive been less active due to life being busy as well). The recent inclusion of maple syrup has made me wonder again and Im glad to know she's being looked after by others in the community, warms my heart!

This community makes me so proud <3. 

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