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Introduction: As we all know as of making this post COVID-19 is spread throughout the world causing many country's to "shut down". Most of these country's employ face masks as a form of protection against the virus. The Long Dark does not have "viruses" in similar fashion, but face masks could still provide some benefit.

 ===Disposable Face Masks===

Disposable Face Masks will be found in boxes of 3-6. The box would weigh between 0.05 - 0.15 kg, and each mask would be about 0.02 kg.

The masks could be worn in the accessories slot(s), but only one could be worn at a time. The masks condition decreases at a rate x4 faster than normal condition loss. The mask will be worn over the head coverings (meaning it takes damage first during a wildlife attack)

Stats: Warmth +0.5 C | Wind +0.1 C | Waterproof 5% | Protection 0 | Sprint -0%

===Cloth Face Mask===

Cloth Face Masks are similar to Disposable Face Masks, but they are harder to find, and come singular. They weigh 0.1 kg each. These masks decay at the normal rate, and also can only be worn one at a time. They cannot be used at the same time as the Disposable Face Mask. The mask will be also be worn over the head coverings.

Stats: Warmth +0.7 C | Wind +0.2 C | Waterproof 7% | Protection 0 | Sprint -0%

Conclusion: These stats can all be changed, I am open to suggestions. (Disclaimer, I play the game in imperial units, so the stats may make no sense, I tried to convert them.)


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