Tinder plugs after lvl 3


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I wish Tinder plugs were automaticly used , while litting fires, after your char reaches lvl 3 in Firestarting.
That way they would disappear from the World and wouldn't litter my floors... Or be hidden into the any container possible.

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This is a common discussion. I've suggested in the past that tinder could be bundled to make fuels that burn hot but fast. But I'd be all for simply burning them without benefit just to be rid of them

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I've mentioned this before so I will just echo it again here:

On 11/2/2018 at 8:23 PM, ManicManiac said:

I think items that are usable as tinder should just provide at least some kind of bonus for starting fires (even if only a very small one)...  Otherwise it becomes a completely wasted resource after we get our fire starting skill to level 3.
In a game like this, I don't think anything should be useless.  Right now, after level 3 tinder is only good for filling the pockets of corpses. :P

I do not think the idea of "crafting" tinder into logs would be a good solution, mainly because I think it would take a huge amount of tinder to equate to any meaningful burn time... so I don't think either option (crafting with tinder or using tinder for additional burn time) would work out very well.

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I agree that tinder needs to have any bonus, even like 5% bonus to start fire. Well at lev 5 it would still make plugs useless (stick + lev 5 already gives >100% chance). I think many lev 5 skill bonuses are overpowered and should be rebalanced a bit. For fire starting base 80% chance at level 5 would work - with stick (+15%) you would have 95% and if you prepare earlier and add tinder you end up with 100% chance.


It seems I forgot that torch or lens also adds 5% bonus - so I suppose chance should be lowered by 5% of either stick (from 15% to 10%) or lev 5 base chance (80% => 75%).

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