Is this random or is this a Canadian thing?

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It's common at parties to get a Crush rainbow pack that has orange & grape crush & cream soda. And ketchup chips are popular.

I'm positive I've eaten this combo a few times. Though not intentionally mixing the flavours. LOL

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27 minutes ago, odizzido said:

What sounds strange to me is saying orange, no, it's orange pop.

I wonder if Shasta is still around.  They had this jingle where somebody would pop open a can and they'e starting singing "I want a pop, I want a Shasta!" and of course they'd be holding an orange flavored drink.

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On 7/9/2020 at 6:52 PM, Glflegolas said:

You know what's really odd?

The fact that all soft drinks in this game are called "soda", despite the fact that literally every Canadian (that includes me) calls it "pop".

this is so so true....

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