Can we P L E A S E get a freaking (optional) difficulty increase?!?!?

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To me, when folks really look over all the custom settings... I think most would agree we can create some brutal difficulties if we want to (after all this is where Dead Man came from).

Another option is to exercise Player Choice by giving ourselves additional rules or provisos, and thereby just make Personal Challenges for ourselves (that's I what do :)).

Many folks here have also posted adventures they've setup that leverage both Custom Settings and Player Choice.  As result, they've crafted some very interesting challenges this way.


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2 hours ago, Ape88 said:

How much harder do you want it to be

This was about a special event. Those are mostly Voyager level with loot literally everywhere. Winter's Embrace had colder temperatures, but that was immediately negated by the excessive amount of clothing the game threw at you. Allowing us to play them on Interloper would really be enough

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I would love to get a Custom setting for Winter's Embrace that adds +10* coldness to the world, or whatever. I mean a setting that we could choose to toggle on/off when setting up a Custom game on any difficulty. I would totally use this setting for Custom play.

But I didn't participate in the Winter's Embrace event back in July (because at the time, there was no in-game unlock...) so I would also wish for another event to be able to unlock this Custom setting...

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