For the love of syrup!

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On 7/6/2020 at 8:25 PM, ajb1978 said:

Items placed in the world don't disappear when they hit 0%, that only happens when you put it into a container.  It is quite possible to pick up a 0% item off the ground or a shelf or something, and in fact this has happened many many times during Winter's Embrace for me.  Not with syrup specifically, but sardines, condensed milk, soda, cured leather, energy bars, etc.  Save 'em for dinner, eat 'em before bed, pop some antibiotics and sleep it off.

Thanks (and duh!).  I got this game 5+ years ago and I guess I haven't kept up to date with the changes to the loot system.  Back then, speed-looting the whole world before the loot poofed was a thing.

BTW I deleted my earlier, misinformation-laden post because I now believe you can not get the badge in Survival mode.   I looted and drank 25 syrups in survival mode games: no badge.  Then drank 17 syrups in WE games (the first 8 I drank during my WE playthrough to day 25) and got the badge.  So my earlier rant was pointless as well as wrong.  :D

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