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So I did a post like this a few years back after i did another post about issue's with a very certain DOOR, where i mentioned a few cool things id like to see in the game like (readable news papers that would maybe flesh out what happen during the great breakdown of the current area or stories about things going on in different areas of the game that would more greatly explain open the story) (signs for DOORS that lock you outside when you walk through them)

So now i started a another one here where people & I can throw Ideas around, a few i have already would be

(Giving players the ability to sleep in the back seats of cars with maybe the negative being resting is harder to obtain or doesn't add as much rest to gauges as sleeping in a bed would)

(Draining Cars-trucks & other vehicular objects for there fuel for maybe a emergency lamp fuel source that maybe burns faster then normal lamp oil but also starts fires faster then lamp oil does at the cost of using more then you would with say accelerant to start said fire)

(also more variety to food source's like maybe adding things like combinable/cookable Ingredients to add to other foods to enhance them like a cup of coffee & can of creamer would make morning coffee that gives a Extra bonus to the normal stats of just coffee but with the negative of going rancid quicker due to the dairy now in it to balance it out gameplay wise, or maybe ingredients that are inedible by themselves but when combined make unique foods like bread that would be flour useless by itself but when combined with water & a oven/stove makes bread loafs or dry rice, water & a Recycled Can makes hydrated rice that could be combined with a can of beans for the rice and beans)

(glass shard as a weapon, maybe pick up a empty bottle on your travels & throw it on the ground "the lonely island music starts playing" & now you have a working make shift weapon that you can use once you combine it with a cloth or without it for a injury chance that cause's a rebound cut to yourself in a fight without it)

this what i've come up with after looking at some things in the game so far, i haven't been playing a tun though so maybe i will throw in a few more things later in the thread to add to what i have here. What are some features ideas you all have though?

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