Rifle in Pilgrim Mode?


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Okay, thanks. I'm nearly positive I have searched all of Coastal Highway, I guess not. I did a cursory look in Mystery Lake, it's got to be up in the lookout. I still can't seem to find Pleasant Valley, so I haven't been able to look there. I'm not short on anything, and obviously I dont get attacked by wolves, so I've been more curious if it even spawned or not. Thanks for the heads up.

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I normally find them in the trappers homestead along with one normally leaning up on the far side interior wall of the dam.

Indeed, I'm used to seeing them there as well; after checking all the buildings in CH, I decided to go ML to find it. Nothing in the dam, and nothing at trappers. Nothing in the houses around ML, camp office etc. My previous game had it in one of the ice fishing huts in CH, but those have been cleared too. That's why I made the thread, curious if Pilgrim mode even had the rifle, because I've checked all of the usual suspects to no avail. I've got around 30 bullets ready for it, but I don't really need it, the wolves are killing the deer for me.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.