Stars visible 'through' the Moon


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This bug is purely visual and aesthetic, so it hardly qualifies as a bug but rather a gripe.

One night I decided to sleep in the enclosed porch of the mansion in the middle of the Pleasant Valley Farmstead so I could keep warm and see the Moon and stars behind the falling snow.

I settled in and watched the sky darken with the last quarter phase moon getting brighter. And then, when the stars came out at 2100 hours, I couldn't help but notice that I clearly saw some stars shining in places where the rest of the Moon ought to have been if it were a complete circular shape in the sky.

I've included a screenshot to illustrate what I saw, and I'm aware that this is a very minor issue. But it somewhat eroded my immersion to see stars where there shouldn't have been any visible.

Something tells me I'll be just fine, though. After all, if I'm being chased by a wolf, the very last thing on my mind will be the positions of the stars.

I'm loving the game, even in the early stage it's in. Keep it up!


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