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I think that on the sandbox should be exit - for example, on the last map small airplane, but without wheels and gas (wheels in a secret bunker and fuel taken from the car). When you bring the wheels and fuel you can fly away - you are saved. It is a little quest.

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Well, I hope they leave the sandboxes as a play option even when the story mode is ready, because it's actually a lot of fun this way.

That said, it would be nice if there were some "win conditions" added to sandbox mode.

The one that leaps to mind is if you survive for X days on nothing but animal meat and water, the game asks if you want to continue playing.

I can think of a number of "sandbox quests".

1. In Mystery Lake, you could harvest rocks from the tunnel collapse until you find a way through. There would be a lot of rocks, they would encumber the character, and they would be a physical barrier once dropped.

2. In Coastal Highway, repair one car with parts from several cars, and clear the highway with dynamite (unique item, or several items that go in various green highlighted locations around the debris).

3. In any sandbox, you could repair a radio with found parts and call for help. Then you have to survive X more days until the helicopter shows up.

4. In any sandbox, a plane or helicopter might pass overhead at random -- if you have or get a fire started outdoors at the right time the helicopter comes in for a landing. Or the plane circles and you have to survive X more days until the helicopter shows up.

I like the game as is, and I get that wilderness survival is a difficult prospect, but the only way this game actually ends is in failure and death. I get enough of that watching the news.

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