How is your DAY 15 Stalker?


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While some here celebrate past Day 100 or 200 I am celebrating my first Day 15 .

Explored: All of Mystery Lake except for Derailment, Hydro Dam and Alan's Cave

The Not so good:

I have found no matches, I think I have eight left of the original 12. No striker, no magnifying lens.

No sewing kit

No pants from pretty early on.

No extra clothing.

First aid a bit thin.

The good:

80% plus rifle, at least 16 ammo, no shots fired yet.

I have made mittens and boots.

I have a good amount of fuel and water, a few days of venison.

Quite a bit of dry foods, 4 MRE

Tools are fine. Have a couple of flares.

I have a forward camp set up with calories, lamp, tools 5 liters of water at Lone Lake Cabin and wood and fishing tackle at that far end fishing hut.

The lucky:

I have survived 3 wolf attacks, 2 of them were back to back. The second wolf in the succession ran off with my first strike.

Found a bunker: I think one of the top ones but not really much in it, canned goods, a lot of wood, lantern, fuel.

I have not destroyed a snare yet. 4 placements of 4 snares. I have never placed snares on consecutive days?

The unknown:

I will be logging in for the first time with bears on the map.

I hardly know anything of Coastal highway. It has always been a pretty quick death for me.

There is a new map beyond that.

The Plan:

Well when I have a plan it is usually thwarted by the next walk out the door and into hungry jaws, but...

Spend a bit more time here at Trapper Homestead and keep supplying my forward camp on good days. Use the Lone Lake Cabin as a springboard or a fall back from an excursion across the ravine, maybe around day 20. I will take the rifle then.

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As far as matches are concerned you have a VERY good chance of finding some in the Dam in my experience. Sewing kit and clothes as well inside the dam TYPICALLY. The derailment is also a good spot to search as there are typically some solid supplies, first aid stuff sometimes.

I also personally like to have the dam well stocked before I start moving into CH, and I usually abandon the trappers outpost when I start making treks into CH since the transition zone into CH is on the opposite side of the map from the trappers homestead. The dam is a solid base (minus the no bed thing :\) and makes for quick easy trips into CH if you want to try and scout and clear before committing to that map more long term.

Sounds like you're having a pretty good Stalker run! Imo when you reach the point you have the game gets significantly easier. You have the full array of tools and weapons giving you much more survivability against the wolves, and it sounds like you have the food/water to keep yourself alive on that front.

Ammo conservation is always good, but don't let yourself die with those 16 bullets :).

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The real trick for making the dam your new "Transition" base is you have to remember to bring your bedroll to it, since there is nowhere to sleep otherwise.

Yeah when I start to transition I'll usually leave the bedroll in the dam, considering the first five structures you'll come along in CH all have beds in them. In fact very few structures in CH aside from the fishing huts are bed less. They might all have beds now that I think about it...

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I quickly ran out on day 18 and decided I would visit derailment without a gun.

Sprained ankle on the way, used bandages.

Wow, wolf behavior is different, are they faster?

Fought off wolf, no bandages, not enough time to make one.

Haha, oh well I will post my next 15 day. It will be good to start a new one with bears!

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