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Hi, team created one of the best games I played! Native to me language - Russian, so I apologize in advance for any errors in the formulation of words in a sentence, my English and Google-translator is not yet perfect, unfortunately. But I just can not help but write to you to say thank you for your work on this game.

Next, I will be brief to present my proposal.

It would be interesting if the time in the game would be possible to lengthen (that it was slower, more close to reality). In survival valuable every minute, in addition slowing down time (and at the same time slowing wear clothes and tools, as well) added to the feeling that you really are somewhere in the woods completely alone. Either you need to slow down the wear and tear of clothing and tools at least a quarter of the time. Now it deteriorates too quickly. Let the game will be closer to reality, and the main dangers and difficulties will be something else, not that you need to constantly mending clothes. For example, it is better to complicate the game in the health of the protagonist. In such snowstorms very difficult to stay healthy. As is known, common cold, for example, keeps 7 days, even if you take the pill. Hero probably should cough and sneeze (it's not difficult to implement, but it will give an additional effect of reality). And the hero could hurt more

and a longer time. For example, often leads to hypothermia frostbite extremities (hands, feet). This is certainly scary, but the game would be more fun with these features. Then on the easy level could be saved hands and feet from frostbite, and complex - no longer exists. And another thought that bothers me when I play this game. Would like to see there version of the game, in which the animals would behave in reality. Wolves usually do not attack people. But sometimes, especially when hungry - attack. On the easiest level of play is not interesting, because I'm not afraid of animals. On average, they attack too often, it's not like their actual behavior in nature. It would be good or enter another layer of complexity, between light and medium, in which the behavior of the animals would be close to reality, or on easy to make animals more dangerous (to be attacked, if you get too close to them, scare, abruptly appear due snowdrift). So it will be much more interesting.

I have another controversial idea, but I would still tell you about it. It would be possible to make at least one pack of wolves on one location, where they could find the children of wolves (female wolf and cub two or three). One could even take the opportunity to introduce and lure cub to the hero was not so lonely (remember how many movies and books have about surviving in the wild? Hero Tom Hanks even talked with a stone on which was painted the face to not be so lonely). And the last sentence, too, concerning the loneliness of the hero. It would be great if he could meet somewhere in a living person, who accompanied him in adventures (as a companion such as a Mass-Effect 3). Maybe it will be in the story mode, I hope so. At this until I finish my speech. Thank you again for this game, it makes me happy.

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