When in escape Menu Screen Quit Option . . .


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Wondering if you could implement a safe guard, in the Esc Menu Screen, when you click Quit, if you could get a "Are you Sure"

Yes/No ??

I was just on a 3 ½ day romp, when I pressed escape so the game stopped, as I needed to go to the School, and when I got back, the cursor was over the Quit button, top most button, and when I touched my trackpad to 'wake the cursor' it registered as a click (which is how my Trackpad is set up) and I'm back at the Start screen all of a sudden :(

Had good health, weather, and was just about to go looking for a big Buck to kill, on my way to the Dam but now I'm going from the start . . .

Can we please have a safe guard ??

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Raph is hardcore no-handholdy (as am I), but I'm sure this is something we'll add. Generally speaking we are avoiding confirming player actions, but it makes sense in this case.

Phew !!! And here I thought he didn't like my ideas :cough: :cough: NUKE !!!! :P

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