Autowalk improvement suggestion - strafe/backward support

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Hi, I already mentioned it in the Steam announcement thread - I wish Autowalk, which is a nice QOL improvement, would be even more useful.

It needs strafing/backward support to be even more comfortable.

That means:
- If Autowalk is on and now we single press w/a/s/d, it will autowalk to that direction just af if we pressed the key permanently.
- Autowalk then can only be turned off by pressing the autowalk button again.

I think such a behaviour would be a) intuitive and b) very comfortable as for qol.


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7 hours ago, piddy3825 said:

i just want it to turn off when I hit my w key...  

Same here.  And, I wish it didn't turn off when I click the mouse button.  I tried the new autowalk but went back to using an AutoHotkey script because I can pick up sticks and other things while I'm walking along.

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I agree, it should turn off when you resume walking forward manually. I was also disappointed it shuts off if you pick up sticks.

Also, it should work while climbing a rope.

Beyond  that, I like the way it works now with strafing, wouldn't want that to change.

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1 hour ago, ManicManiac said:

:D I guess it would seem that nothing's ever good enough ¬¬


as the saying goes...  “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.


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I thought it was a good idea to think about autowalk backwards and to the side (convenience reasons and "options are good") - because currently it is simply not possible, but users seem to not need it.

After all, my need in this arises due to the lack of freelook (i.e., looking around while walking into a straight direction). Oh how I love my ArmA for this :D I'd love to autowalk + freelook.

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