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Raphael van Lierop

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Hello all,

We've had many requests that we support community translation/localization projects through Steam Workshop.

We're happy to share that we have just completed a pipeline that makes this possible. The details are available here:

Please note the above documentation is for people who would like to create their own translations of The Long Dark.


We have pre-populated the localization database for the game with the following languages:

* English

* German

* Russian

* NEW! French

* NEW! Swedish

* NEW! Norwegian

* NEW! French Canadian

English, German, and Russian have been live for a while now and are fully tested and compliant with all current in-game UI.

French, Swedish, Norwegian, and French Canadian have all been translated and serve as a starting point for community modules in those languages. They will still need to be reviewed and tested by the community to verify UI compliance (ex. to make sure words are not too long to fit on buttons, etc.).

We have also created a new sub-forum for Translations, where you can post details on any bugs or issues you encounter. We will do our best to help!


If you would like to install a Community Translation module, you simply access it through the Steam Workshop tab in the The Long Dark community page. Once you have installed the module, the translation will become selectable in the Language Selection drop-down of the in-game Display settings menu.

Please note that after you install the Translation module, you'll need to close and restart the game for it to be available in the Language Selection drop-down.


This pipeline has been tested but we may have missed some stuff, so if you run into any issues with it, please post in the forums, or contact us at:, with the subject "COMMUNITY TRANSLATION".

We've created a new sub-forum dedicated to Translations here:

In addition to the languages above, we also know there are multiple community translation projects already in progress, including into Japanese and Polish. We're thrilled to see this support from the community!

Thank you so much.

- The Hinterland Team

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